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Executive Coaches Forum
The Executive Coaches Forum, a group of Boston-area coaches, has created rich resources to advance the highest standards and best practices of executive coaching with all members of the coaching partnership (e.g., executives, coaches, HR rofessionals).

Society for Organizational Learning
SoL was created to connect corporations and organizations, researchers and consultants to generate knowledge about and capacity for fundamental innovation and change by engaging in collaborative action inquiry projects.

A publication that helps managers and leaders put systems thinking to work in their organizations. It carefully introduces readers to the basic tools and concepts of systems thinking, building expertise in this essential component of management literacy through a variety of approaches.

Action Design®
A group that helps individuals and groups in organizations develop their capability for inquiry, choice, and action on their most difficult issues.

The Reflective Practioner
A website Grady McGonagill created to support consultants and other professionals who aspire to “mastery” and are attracted to reflection on their practice as a means of attaining it.

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